The Premiere

(Better known as the “Rich” quarter in game)

The smallest and most elite of all the quarters in Tariff, known for keeping the creme-de-la-creme of Tariffian society: Politicians, wealthy merchants, even old successful adventurers. To even cross the cobblestones in the central plaza you must have a hefty bag of gold on you to even be noticed. Ladies in beautiful raiment and men with stuffy beards and hats make their way among the gardens and more pleasant parts of town. Licensed beggars can be seen begging for alms every so often, and innocent maidens making their donations for the “good of society.” Arrogance is not the sin these people commit, but often ignorance. Though they influence the most, the rarely see how their decisions affect others.

The Premiere is where most magic is found and taken place. Illusionists from the nearby Towers will play spectacles during holidays and major events. The Premiere is also home of the only Academy for Youths where young men can go and study their share of law and mathematics. A small theater sits outside of the main plaza known as Johnson’s Theater is another source of entertainment.

Less than five percent of the city actually dwells here, but the old style buildings and bath houses take up just as much space as some others. Other public works such as the Lord’s Hall and Tariff Barracks occupy here. When something must be bought or bribed, this is where people go. A handful of well known demi-humans actually live here, and are actually well maintained in society for some reason or another.

The Gilded Spoon – As the name implies, it’s where the well-to-do go and spend their idle time, listening to tales of old and new small shows

Fin’Amour – A darker, more intimate tavern

Bob and Wheel – Fine tailoring. Need a new dress? How about a suit? Try a hat on for size!

The Auren Forge – Fine weapons and armor. Come in to be dazzled by the famed golden anvil.


Notable People

The Premiere

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