Blue Infinity Bead

Blue Infinity Bead
Detected Magic:
Conjuration: Overwhelming
Evocation: Moderate

It floats around your head. It contains blue and white clouds. It feels cold!

It creates a blue bead elemental when thrown. The shape of the elemental is a creature with the upper torso of a female woman, but the body of a snake. The arms of the woman are replaced with two reusable launching spikes.

-Summon the blue bead elemental (move action)

Can fire ice ray up to 30’ [move action]

Absorbs hostile arcane spells. It gains one power point per spell level.

Absorbed Ability:
0: Summon blue bead elemental (move action)
0: Cast ice ray, 1d6, dex for no damage. dc 11 (move action)
1: Cast ice ray, 2d6, dex for no damage, dc 13; expend a power point
1: Int bonus +1
5: BBE Level 2 summon; each summon expends 2 power points
5: DR 2 for all cold damage
5: Can capture and imprison a creature/person for 1 week safely; expend one power point (standard action)
7: Int bonus +1
10: BBE Level 3 Summon; expend 2 power points (swift action)
10: Capture and Absorb creature form, expend 5 power points (standard)
10: Cast Ice Ray 3d6 dex for half damage, dc 18, expend 2 power points (swift action)
10: DR 5 to all cold damage
13: Int bonus +3
15: BBE Level 4 Summon, expend 3 power points
15: Cast Ice Ray 4d6 dex for half damage, dc 20, expend 3 power points
15: Cast cold shield
20: Int bonus +4


Blue Infinity Bead

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