blue bead elemental

The Blue Bead Elemental comes from the Blue Infinity Bead.
The elemental can be summoned from the creature within the bead, or can use the surroundings to build itself.

The current shape:
-A female upper torso with intelligent facial features
-The lower torso is in the shape of a snake, as if it were a yuan-ti
-The creature has no arms, as it is replaced with two long spear like appendages
-It’s entire body is of ice
-It is mute, but can communicate mentally [telepathically]
-This elemental seems shy at first, but grows more intelligent with use and speech

Knowledge of stats:
Level 1 Summon:
HP: 2d6
TH: +4
AC: 16
Dmg: 1d6

Level 2 Summon:
HP: 3d6 2
TH: +6/
AC: 18
Dmg: 1d6

Level 3 Summon:
HP: 4d6 + 6
TH: 10/8/+5
AC: 20
Dmg: 1d8 + 4/ 1d6 + 2

Level 4 Summon:
HP: 6d6 + 16
TH: 12/10/+7
AC: 22
Dmg: 1d8 + 8/ 1d6 + 5

blue bead elemental

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