Kyra Fields

Human Bard


Kyra was born in pretty much the middle of nowhere. Her father was a farmer (hence the birthplace), and her mother the daughter of a tailor from a nearby village. Blah blah blah…

If you can’t tell, I don’t really feel like typing this all out. But because you might want to know (and you ARE actually reading this), I’ll give you a quick summary/timeline thing.

age 5- mother dies of some sickness
age 9- runs away from home
age 16- returns home, finds no one there. The house looks like it has been unused for awhile
ages 16-18 – searches around the area for news of her father, continues in wider and wider circles, hears nothing
age 18- present (20) – travels around with dual purpose

… I suppose I should explain a little bit about the “runs away” part. It was not that she did not like it there- okay, she did kind of not prefer it, after all, it was in the middle of nowhere and rather boring- but that was not why she left. The actual reason for her leaving was because her father noticed her boredom and decided to move to a nearby town for her sake. However, she knew he always seemed sad in the town (mother came from someplace similar, after all) so in order to prevent this sadness from happening. She left.

Anyway, that’s it for the history that you’ll be getting. Because I’m just lazy.

Kyra Fields

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