Below are all the quests available/heard of. Players feel free to update it as necessary, in whatever format you desire. GM will put minimal input into page.

Current Quests:
A snakey transmutation
Gods are coming
Where is Paleen
Grave Matters
Where’s our wood
Silent dwarves

Ongoing Quests:
Access the Towers
No death in the Gods Bowl

Orcs are assembling and flying the banners of two different gods…
Karath’s family is coming back…
Several wizards were hurt in the attack of Tariff
Avagor is still quiet…
The poor quarter of Tariff is destroyed, and all the street walkers are missing…

Completed Quests:
Golden Snake StatuesSIDE
Get Out Alive – PLOT
Kidnapped by Bandits – PLOT
Dodecahedron DaisSIDE
Tri-Key Hole DoorSIDE


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