A brief history of the Godsmack Campaign:

Many years ago, the exact day lost to history, the gods were removed from the mortal realm. Why or how, no one knows. A few believe there was a great war between the gods, some believe the gods were bored or even just abandoned the unruly mortal races.

In the fallout, Humans took the opportunity to show their power and rise up against all the other races. Every country and kingdom of man united with eachother and set out for bloody conquest on every monstrous and demi-human race. The humans first united against the orcs, goblins and gnolls, pushing them back into their mountainous homes. The human’s best allies were the dwarves, who had fought for centuries against the green-skinned ilk. Following a disagreement between the spoils of war between the dwarvish and elven emmisaries, a few battles sprung up between the two races. Both the elves and dwarves sought for human intervention, to settle the dispute by putting the other in check. No one remembers why, but the humans betrayed both and started to push against both and asserted their dominance as the strongest race of the realm.

Decimated, the dwarves and elves retreated into their own homes as well, swearing longtime vengeance against the bloodthirsty humans.

A few humans were upset that they brethren treated their long-time allies so poorly, so they rose up in the great Magician’s Rebellion. It was the wizards and sages that sought up against their rulers, but were too overwhelmed. Distrust of magic was a growing sentiment in the years that followed, so every child and man that was known to have any magic ability was killed for a longtime there-after, until the High Order of Magic made peace with the kings of the land, allowing every magic user to be “registered” in the Great Book. Now, no one who knows magic is allowed to practice in public, only in the many Academies around the world. The unauthorized use of magic is punishable by immediate death, in the fear of public safety.

The mightiest peacemakers, priests and clerics, soon lost sway with their congregations as the gods had stopped answering their calls. Their magick was looked upon suspiciously as well, but too useful for the vast armies that the Kings of Man demanded. Nowadays, few faithful clerics exist, churches are often seen abandoned and shrines neglected. Many gods’ names are lost and only a few have any semblance of faith.

Welcome to the world of Godsmack.

Humans are, by far, the dominate race. Non-humans are looked upon with distrust and disdain. It is rare to see other breeds in public because no one would bat an eye at an attack upon these people.

The world is considered “low-magic” because Wizards are not considered acceptable in public, by large. Any spellcaster has difficulty increasing their ability because resources are difficult to find, but often rewarding. Rumors have it that academies and wizarding guilds have come up with new ways to cast magic and have new spells because the ways of old are dying out.

Priests often don’t have access to 4th table or higher spells because their connection to a god is minimal at best.


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