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  • Avagor

    *Alignment:* Neutral Good *Domains:* Earth, Knowledge, Protection *Worshipers:* Scholars, Dwarves, subterranean magic users, Guardians *Symbol:* Candle under/in a mountain -Formerly: Shield of stone *Favored Weapon:* Shield or Mace Avagor is one …

  • Paleen

    *Alignment:* Lawful Good *Domains:* Good, Law, War *Worshipers:* Good fighters and mercenaries, guardians, heroes, knights, paladins *Symbol:* Two interlocking rings -Formerly: Three interlocking rings *Favored Weapon:* Hammer OR Bastard Sword …

  • Impeira

    *Alignment:* Neutral Good *Domains:* Earth, Plant, Purification, Animal *Worshipers:* Goodly druids, rangers, farmers, woodsmen, good witches *Symbol:* White oak on a green field *Favored Weapon:* (Crooked) Staff

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