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  • Pantheon

    [[Avagor]] - Ancient Human god of wisdom and earth, celebrated by the Dwarves and their ilk [[Kravor]] - Ancient Human barbarian god of war and strength [[Paleen]] - Ancient Human god of strength, justice and good

  • Goroth

    Alignment: True Neutral Domains: Decay, Death, Deathbound Worshipers: Sentient undead, burial groundskeepers, those grieving from death, necromancers Symbol: A scythe upside down Favored Weapon: Scythe or Sickle Goroth is not so much seen as a god, …

  • Gods are coming

    The gods are coming back to the world. Gods known to be back: [[Grimish]] [[Karath]] [[Nemeth]] [[Takhis]]

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