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  • Session 0: Captured and Confused

    _*Captured and Confused*_ Each character has begun this adventure in a different way, but all are united in experience and situation. Every member of the party has the same story to share: They were found and waylaid by a group of bandits all in the …

  • Background

    A brief history of the Godsmack Campaign: Many years ago, the exact day lost to history, the [[gods]] were removed from the mortal realm. Why or how, no one knows. A few believe there was a great war between the gods, some believe the gods were bored …

  • Pantheon

    [[Avagor]] - Ancient Human god of wisdom and earth, celebrated by the Dwarves and their ilk [[Kravor]] - Ancient Human barbarian god of war and strength [[Paleen]] - Ancient Human god of strength, justice and good

  • Academies

    It is common in large, populated areas where arcana users can be found, they are often required to be settled in easily distinguished buildings or completely corded off from the rest of the population (perhaps have their own section of town, or away from …

  • Wizard Binding

    Whenever an arcane user is found, depending on local law, they are often bound with bracelets that won't allow arcane magic to be used within certain proximity of the law enforcers, or areas of town.

  • High Order of Magic

    The strongest, wisest nine wizards of all the realm. Whenever one passes, another automatically knows to step in. Rumor has it that none from the Order have been replaced in several centuries. Even their identities are lost to most since they rarely …

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