Godsmack II

Session 0: Captured and Confused
The party is captured by mysterious bandits

Captured and Confused

Each character has begun this adventure in a different way, but all are united in experience and situation. Every member of the party has the same story to share: They were found and waylaid by a group of bandits all in the same uniform of black and red. No one can quite pinpoint how many captors there were in their event since so many of the foes were hidden or obscured, taking pot shots upon them with poison-tipped arrows and blades. Each kidnapping party was primarily human, but led by an orog in chain with some mysterious symbol on his chest. Trolls and ogres were also united with the humans, primarily distracting their prey with their presence to not pursue the orog or the humans.

The party awakes, surrounded by complete darkness, largely naked and confused. The few belongings they have are enough clothes to make them decent, but tattered to confuse them for a beggar. Each have a lingering headache and throb in their head from the insidious effects of the poison that made them fall unconscious. Besides a few scrapes, they are largely unwounded – mended, even, from their more grievous woulds from being stabbed and shot.

Many questions lay unanswered: How did they get to where they were? Where exactly are they? Who were these fierce and merciless bandits? What do they want? Why did they get healed? When will they find their stuff and loved ones?


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