Godsmack II

Varish's Eleventh Post
The Eleventh Post of Varish

Well, we’ve been in the town for not super long, but Tristain and I went to a shop and I asked if the lady had any yellow roses or white oak bark. You know, for the cure thing. Anyway, she said if we watched her shop for the night, she’d give me the roses. AND she even told us where to find the stag that leads people to this magical White Oak thing I’ll need some of the bark of. So, that’s cool. This cure thing might be easier to put together than I thought.

Anyway, I went back to visit the tavern and said hi to everybody. When I was there, we found a dead guy at a table. We picked him up to examine him and he had this black goo all over him and stuff. Anyway, I didn’t find anything on hims, but he had a black crystal in his chest. Atlas tried to poke him with his sword and these little tentacles came out and tried to grab his sword. I wanted to see what the tentacles were, so I grabbed the table knife and stabbed at the tentacles. They pulled the knife into the body and the old man jolted back to life. As he was doing so, I think he splashed his drink off the table because some of them got on the front of my pants. That’s what it was. His drink. Nothing else. Anyway, he started freaking out and asking what was going down. Holf told him to calm down. He then turned evil. For a paladin, this guy didn’t have the most positive influence. Holf fell down in pain and I freaked out and grabbed the nearest thing, which was a fork on the table, and stabbed him in the gem area. He jumped up and we all jumped back. As I did so, I remembered that his gem thing totally fit in the bow thing I have. I finally had a chance to use my new magic bow in battle, so I drew and fired. He tried blocking it with the table, but my arrow flew around the table and hit him nonetheless. My party members managed to get some good hits, but then he threw his table at us and I went unconscious. When I came to, I saw that Lilly had a giant crossbow, Ithyl was down and Atlas looked like he had just gotten back into the fight. I didn’t know where Tristain was. I quickly backed up to give myself some more space in case he decided to start throwing things again and fired 2 more arrows. One of them went through his head and he fell down dead. Atlas pulled out his gem and tossed it to me. Also, we realized that I can totally get Ithyl’s liver now because he’s dead! Everything is working out well. So, I put the bead in the bow and it turned black and the string turned shadowy and stuff. It’s pretty cool. I’ll have to try it out in our next fight.

We brought the body of the dead guy back to the temple, where apparently nobody has been dying. Then we went back to the tavern where the goo was still being belligerent. But Holf brightened the room and managed to dispel it with the use of pure light. Then I went out and bought a helmet which Atlas had recommended I get. Then the quartermaster talked to me and I told him I saved Tariff, and he was grateful. He seems pretty cool. Then Atlas told him about everything else that’s been going on and then the quartermaster told us other stuff that’s been going on including where to find some of the stuff I need to get for my cure.

So, later that night, Tristain and I went to go stand watch at the person’s store. There were a couple of times when people were knocking on the gates of the city. Being good guards, however, we refused to leave our post. And the whole time, nobody tried to challenge us. Probably because of my awesome reputation. And the next morning, we set out west towards the white oak and the dwarven mines.

Until next time,

Tristain's Adventure Log #4
Small recap.

Not much time to write while on horseback, so I’ll keep this brief.

1. When all this is over, I might just become a merchant. The prices they sell their items at are ludicrously high, and they are absolute cheapskates when it comes to selling items.

2. Atlas has been a jackass to multiple people, including to myself and to our new party member, Lilly.

3. Varish is turning into a snake and wants Ithyl dead. I intend to take advantage of this. Furthermore, Varish is never going to be an elf again, as one of the ingredients for the cure for his snake thing is to get metal from the negative energy plane. That won’t be happening anytime soon.

4. Ithlyl was mostly cardboard. He didn’t even respond to Varish’s very unsubtle hint that he wants him dead.

5. Lilly called me a demon in front of everyone in the temple. I honestly think she didn’t even know what she was doing, but suffice to say, I’m going to need to get a new outfit and probably dye my hair again before going back to Tarif.

I’m really hoping she doesn’t do the same thing in Trackem

6. Holf is… well, holf. he’s probably the one that told Lilly I’m a tiefling. Oh well, the Paladin was being slavishly loyal. Surprise surprise. He hasn’t beaten me yet, so we’re okay. For now.

Atlas' Fourth Entry

So alright where were we oh right Tristain = demon… Varish turning into what looks like the snake creature we found underground.. Peachy. Anyhow chaos rules the city i dislike it greatly. Oh so i have Tristain by the balls but besides that i need to doodle down more important things… After talking to Livy we got permission to go see marf the head sorcerer and he is well how do i put it…. an asshat. In my frustration i snapped of and hurt lilly’s feelings.. yeah that wasnt cool shouldnt have made that short blow. Alright well i made mistakes i feel bad but you have to keep moving forward. I think my goals have shifted. I mainly want to help my party and pursue my wanderlust. With my luck ill stumble upon my goddess eventually but hey apparently the faceless one feels Whorawhey’s presence so there is hope.. till next i feel like writing..

Varish's Tenth Post
The Tenth Post of Varish

Well, I chilled with the merchants for a while after the fight, then went back to the temple for a while to sleep. We woke up the next morning and the grey elf, Ithyl seemed to have finally recovered from his shock yesterday from all the fighting and his daze seemed to be gone. So, we checked out the temple and it was packed with people and they were all praying and getting blessed and stuff. I guess having your city attacked by gods really increases belief in a higher power. Who knew? Anyway, Holf went off with some armor I think to bless it or something. Tristan wondered around town for a while and Atlas was talking about fixing stuff to people and whatever. Eventually, Holf tracked all of us down and asked us if we wanted to go to Trakkem to do stuff. Atlas and I had to go back to Trakkem anyway, so we were cool with that. We’d decide if we were actually going to do stuff with him or not later though. I bought some arrows to replenish my set, so that was cool. After that I was kind of bored, so I was going through my stuff and found that cool pink coin I got back in the cave. I’m pretty sure it had something to do with magic, so I put it on my bow and it changed around and shifted and stuff. My small audience of merchants was quite impressed. My bow looks like it got a place I can look through and it looks much more impressive. The merchants wanted to see it in action, so one gave me an arrow and asked me if I could shoot a bird that was across the city. I must admit, it wasn’t exactly my best shot, but the bow seemed to make up for my mediocrity and I totally obliterated the bird. It was sick! Holf told me it was awesome, but he kept asking me what it was. I don’t think he’s ever seen a bow before, which is weird because I was using it in the fight earlier and he seemed cool with it then. Maybe him being dazed resulted in some memory loss as well. He’s certainly an odd one. Then I just kind of spent the rest of the day chilling with the merchants and whatnot. Everyone else had been wandering around all day, so we’re going to spend another night before we head back to Trakkem tomorrow. It was a boring day. So, the next day, we woke up, got some horses (mine was named Marisol) and headed off. When we got there, we went to the temple and got the recipe for my antidote to the whole “turning green” thing. So we’ll probably get to that pretty soon.

Until next time,
This is Varish signing off

Holf's New Journal
Day 0

Today I have finally been sent out on my first Journey. Livy decided that I was to join a group of adventurers who helped us defend the city. Generally a start of a Journey is cause for a joyous occasion for a Paladin, but the events proceeding my Journey overshadow it.

Today, the Gods returned to Tariff. Grimish killed Brother Lidum at our monthly Festival, before joining forces with Karath, Nemeth, and Takhis to assault the city. Given our knowledge about these Gods, this alliance seems strange and uncharacteristic of Grimish. This alliance could be a temporary truce between greatly weakened beings until they can regain their strength. As it stands, they are likely considerably weaker than the Gods who are still worshiped in great number, such as Paleen. Another possibility is that over the last three hundred years, they have changed, or the relationships between the Gods have been vastly altered. Regardless, orcs, undead, and “rose women” were attacking the gates, the market square, and the locations of about every conceivable entry point for an army backed by supernatural beings.

As always, there were several groups of adventurers attending the festivities. Most of them were willing to help. One group specifically asked me to help them defend the West gate. Their leader, Atlas, seemed to have great interest in Lidum after Grimish killed him. Despite what he says, I am certain that he was trying to steal his armor. But then was not the time to discipline him over his attempt, nor is it wise to confront him now. He was not able to accomplish anything, and he will probably stonewall any accusation by claiming he was trying to ‘heal’.

Still numb from the death of Lidum, I accompanied this group to the West gate, where we encountered a group of orcs, along with an ogre, who were bearing the crest of Karath. This was the first real fight of my life. I have fought to subdue street brawls, and I have needed to defend myself from the occasional vagrant, often drunk, who thought that the “pretty boy” looked too smug, but this was the first fight where my life was seriously in danger, and I nearly did die. Although this was partially due to my inexperience, I also found that, while the chain-mail I often wear works well against blunt swords and sticks, it doesn’t hold up against broadswords being swung by towering orc chieftains. I was quickly surrounded by the lesser orcs, but the elf psychic, who had formed a psychic link with me, and the rogue helped keep them disorganized and from stabbing me in the back. However, this quickly ceased when the rogue decided that he could torch the orc chieftain, who up to this time had been watching from the distance. This failed and the orc chieftain, with his enormous guards, decided to make mincemeat of us. Given this action and a few following actions, I’ve determined that the rogue either greatly overestimates his own skill and cleverness, or he has the intelligence of wild boar, which attacks whatever threatens it. The orc chieftain proceeded directly towards me and quickly chopped me up. What happened after this was a blur for quite a while. Someone helped me regain consciousness, and Paleen blessed me with enough strength to stand again, but I was able to accomplish very little and was nearly struck down again. A couple mages showed up and started to help us, but when all but the chieftain were killed, the rogue, in his astonishing wisdom, sent them away, telling them that “we can handle this.” The chieftain then bowled me over and would have cleaved the psychic in two if he hadn’t been as nimble. The rogue himself took quite a beating, and the ranger finally managed to finish the archery duel he had been having the entire time with an org. Somehow during this fight he twisted his ankle and fell from the roof he had been standing on, bring with him half the tiles which nearly crushed one of the orcs and infuriated the chieftain another degree. Eventually, Atlas, who had finished killing an ogre, came along and assisted in taking down the chieftain. At this point, I believe the emotional stress and my wounds began to take their toll, and I fell into a sort of daze. I hardly remember anything except climbing through vines which had somehow grown in the city and seeing an Ogre Magi, but I could be mistaken, and I believe I fell behind the group several times. Eventually I came to my senses in time to flail against a bearded demon, and to see this said demon cut THE TAIL OF THE ROGUE, which appeared to have been rapped around his leg inside of his pants. After we finished off the demon, the elf and I questioned him, but he was not very forthcoming with information and was very defensive, which is understandable. From what I know, I believe that he is a tiefling, and for obvious reasons has spent his life trying to hide that fact. We then returned to the temple, where I relayed to Livy what I had learned about orcs following Karath, before I assisted Atlas in caring for the injured and homeless who were by this time filling the temple. Around this time Atlas procured Livy’s permission for me to accompany them in questing.

I am not certain why Livy wanted me to join this group of adventurers, or why she wanted me to do so at this time. Given the state of the city, I could probably be of great help at the temple, and there is no telling where the party may decide to go to. My guess is that it is uncommon for a party to ask for a specific Paladin, and Livy decided that this was too good of an opportunity to miss. Lidum wanted to send me on a Journey a long time ago, but something always came up that prevented that, or made it prudent to delay such plans. However Livy knows even less about the party than I do, and not everything is promising. I had cast detect evil in the presence of the party to partially determine their alignment. Although it is often insufficient, knowing someone’s moral alignment is a good starting place for discerning how they will behave.

Atlas, the leader, is a human cleric, but I do not know what deity he worships, but I don’t think I would appreciate that deity. I am not certain what I detected for alignment, but I would guess that he is lawful, but of neutral morality. He appears to appreciate order and kindness, but his attitude towards others is often condescending, and he possesses a few artifacts that are decidedly evil. I am certain I saw his cloak, which does have an evil aura, strangle and drain the blood from an orc. One of the beads on his necklace also has an evil aura, but I am not certain what it does. Atlas also appears to at least slightly mentally unstable. He often speaks to and argues with people who aren’t there, but other than that he has a firm grasp on reality. Too firm.

Varish, the elf ranger, and is most familiar with Atlas. He is also the ambivalent character I have ever met. I did not detect any evil on him, and he appears to be neutral in every way, but maybe leaning toward chaotic. He appeared to have no understanding of the grief that Livy and Lilly are going through, nor did he appear to be concerned about the implications of Tristain having a tail or why he might not want to tell every passerby. He has a strange sense of humor that leaves me struggling between strangling him or turning him into a bard.

Tristain, the rogue, by most appearances is human, but is likely a tiefling. Besides having tail, he has a surprisingly strong evil aura. Because of that, I believe that he is either much stronger than he would like us to believe, which I doubt, or he is part Outsider. While I do not believe he is defined by his parentage, I will definitely keep an eye on him, as he has already shown signs of moral ineptitude. Moreover, one of the swords he uses has a definite evil aura. While I do not know what it does, blades of that nature are rarely something that I would want to approach. As it is, I will treat him and his weaponry with a great deal of caution. After the party discovered his heritage, he has been very depressed, and for some reason has been tending to stick around me. It makes sense given that he is trying to avoid Atlas, who seems to possess a malevolent glee concerning the whole affair, and Varish, who can’t seem to keep his mouth shut about the tail. However, I doubt that I am comfortable for him to be around, given my celestial parentage. I do believe I forgot to inform Livy about Tristain. I’ll have to do that in the morning, after everyone has had a chance to rest.

I haven’t been able to find the psychic elf, Ithyl, all evening, and I know very little about him. He seems intelligent and more normal than the rest of the group. I am still uncertain as to how he ended up with them, unless he too was kidnapped by the raving Atlas.

These are the people whom I will be beginning my Journey with. It is impossible to tell if I will spend the full year with them or longer. It seems fitting that I would start at this time, since this year will make it 20 years since I first took my vows, and 15 since I cut my hair. I would be happier, since this is a milestone I have trying to reach for quite some time, but the death of Lidum is hanging too heavily on my mind. The Brothers and Sisters have been like family to me, and he was like a father. I don’t know how much rest I will be able to get, but my wounds and fatigue will probably make me sleep. I doubt that Livy or Lilly will be able to sleep for several more hours. I will do what I can in the morning to use their labors, but since Livy has sent me with the adventurers I will probably be leaving tomorrow. I am not certain who will take over the leadership now. Livy is an obvious choice, but there are others, such as Brother Mandil. I hope that that will be resolved without any strife.

I received as spoilers some full-plate armor, but it has the crest of Karath. The first thing that I will do when I rise with the sun is purify and then bless, so that I can use it in service of Paleen.

I will try to turn in now, but this may be a restless night.

Holf Kinder

Tristain's Adventure Log #3.

Every thing went wrong.

The end.

Varish's Ninth Post
The Ninth Post of Varish

Diary, luckily my handwriting is perfect because I’m writing this as we run through the burning city towards the temple. I normally wait until we aren’t doing stuff to make an entry, but I don’t know how this day will end up. The 2 new guys we met were traumatized or something by our most recent fight against the orcs, so they’re in shock or something I don’t know. Something just exploded. Cool. And Atlas just ran off towards some flower lady or something. We made it to the temple to find people fighting a huge orc thing. My first arrow hit his armor, but he blocked it. Woah, cool light attack thing! Anyway, I’m going to try to shoot again. I’ll try shooting while making my entry. Hang on. Haha! Nailed it! Hit him right in the neck. What??? It popped back out. That’s stupid. Triistan tried summoning a thing, but it’s sick I think. One of the sisters turned her dying sister gold, which seems to be helping. The orc just turned blue and killed Triistan’s bead or something. If he dies, maybe I’ll get it. He tried rolling, but he tripped or whatever and he got hit. The paladin and the other elf are just standing there. Still in shock I guess. I should probably stop shooting at the orc while writing, but it’s a fun personal challenge. The sisters are yelling at each other, but they seem to be channeling their anger into their fighting. So, that’s good. Hey, Atlas is here! He healed Triistan’s leg a little bit, so it looks like I might not get his bead after all. But then the orc created a giant bubble of darkness. I was about to appraise the curvature of the bubble to determine the center of it and discern where the orc was, but before I could fire (probably because I was too busy writing this) Triistan made use of his healed leg by cartwheeling in and popping the bubble by stabbing him in the leg. It was pretty impressive. The paladin and the elf are either impressed now or still in shock from earlier. I can’t tell.

So, he’s dead but now the rose lady is coming, and the wizard sisters are leaving us to take care of this on our own. So, looks like we’ve got a little war of the roses on our hands. We did manage to call down a wizard to give me and Atlas some ice armor to help protect us, so that’s good. Triistan was off hiding or something. Maybe he’s allergic to flowers. That’ll be unfortunate if he is. Anyway, I found some more arrows, so I’m ready to go! She started by shooting vines at us and I almost dropped you, diary, but I didn’t. Hang on. Okay, I’m back. Outraged by her endangerment of your pages, I fired an arrow at her and knocked some of her rose pedals off. I did it because of the vines. Atlas summoned a scorpion and the rose lady responded by spitting a bug animal at it or something. It was weird. Anyway, I had to make up for my performance during the last battle, so I hit her with another arrow and it seemed to do some more damage to her. I’m hoping that if we can kill her, her beast thing will be much easier to stop. Anyway, Atlas’ scorpion is getting entangled, so that’s bad probably. I mean, it definitely isn’t good. It also wasn’t good that Triistan is being as useless in this battle as he was helpful in the last battle. The rose lady spit a bunch of needles at Atlas. I should probably do something. I did something. I fired two arrows at her and one of them managed to kill her. So, I’m pretty awesome.

That devil thing she summoned is still here though and seems to be giving Atlas and his scorpion a hard time. Also, the vines are still here, so my theory about killing her first wasn’t as spot on as I thought it would be. Still, she’s dead, so that’s good. Triistan is stumbling through and around the vines trying to get to the devil, so that’s embarrassing. Luckily, I don’t need to move to shoot arrows. One of the two I fired did tickle him though, so that should distract him enough for someone else to do some actual damage. Worth a shot. Haha. A shot. Get it, diary. Do you? It’s a pun, or play on words. Shot as in attempt or try. But also shot as in attack with a bow and arrow. Get it? Do you? I do. I hope that my arrow tickled the devil at least as much as that joke tickled me. Also, the elf and paladin are still standing off in the background uselessly watching us struggle for our lives against this lower plane beast. Anyway, I fired two more arrows and one of them hit him pretty solidly, so that’s good and Atlas followed up with a sword blow to his belly. I feel like my arrows have been hitting about 50/50, which actually isn’t all that bad, I guess. Could be better, but could also be worse. The devil took a shot at Triistan and managed to hit him, and I’ve noticed that people generally seem to fight in a certain order. Like the flow of the battle is so very in sync that the order is constantly the same. Like in this battle, it’s been going Atlas, Triistan, bad guy, me for this entire turn. I mean, I’m sure it’s just coincidental, but it’s weird. What’s weirder is that when the devil hit Triistan, a tail popped out. So, that’ll be a conversation for later. On the other hand, the paladin guy we’ve been holding on to finally snapped out of his stupor and began fighting, which is definitely going to help. If nothing else, he can distract him and spread out the damage we’re taking. But the surprise at seeing Triistan’s tail sent Atlas into some kind of frenzy and he attacked the devil for several solid hits. Then the devil began attacking back and almost stabbed Atlas with his beard, which a feel was an odd choice but whatever. Anyway, I killed the devil thing before he facially stabbed Atlas with his facial hair, so the paladin didn’t end up contributing all too much in the end. Nice to see he’s no longer catatonic though.

In addition, Triistan is apparently not entirely human. Something demonic I suppose. I don’t know why he thought it was such a big deal, but I guess that’s his problem. I think the elf is still standing in shock outside somewhere. He hasn’t seen much fighting in his day I guess. Anyway, Atlas and Triistan went off to “have words” as Atlas called it. While they were doing that, the paladin and I discussed the god fighting stuff with the sisters and apparently it’s a god reunion or something because there’s Carrot, god of eyesight, his daughter, Rose, and his wife, Nemo. And it’s weird that they might be working with Grimace, god of discomfort, because they usually don’t do that. At least, I think that’s what it was, I wasn’t really paying attention, but I think I got the gist of it. So, we ended up staying the night. Before bed though, I went to the merchant’s area and regaled them with my tails (oops, I was thinking about something else) my tales of saving the city. I may have skewed them slightly to make myself look better but, whatever.

Anyway, I’ll get back to you tomorrow diary.

Until next time,

Atlas' Third Entry

So yeah early start to retrieve the magnifying glass from the wizard tower. Well apparently we needed a token to get in so my first thought was to go to Elle from Racklin’s party. Well lets put it this way…. She agreed after she was finished doing the dirty with Rowan. Keep it classy not trashy guys. Anyhow met a strange grey elf…Ithyl is his name he interrupted my talking to myself. As of late i have been feeling less drawn to my goddess… i just dont feel her presence no strength to draw from…. Is there another deity to turn to who will embrace me as their own? or should i wait and pray for my goddess to reach out to me? I just miss her evil embrace. I don’t feel as evil as i once was more lawful than anything…. Kinda miss the dwarf right now he could listen to orders… But i take consolation that Varish is still with me. He has grown to be my best friend and most trusted ally in this world filled with strangers. Alright back from that tangent. We gathered and were talking about grimish and speak of the devil he appears and zaps the priest. Great. so all the warriors split off and we take one of the gates. When we get there i talk to the wonderful general in my head for a battle plan. We go by that plan and its working great then the inevitable happens…. The one special child of the group, Tristan shoots the leader drawing him into battle. As we all realize we are on our last leg wonderful wizards come to our support. All but the leader of the group is dead and once again the special child acts without thinking and dismisses our help. The voice enjoyed looking at the nice piece of ass but i was more worried with the towering force looming over the holy man that came from the temple with us.. As soon as Tristan says he has it under control.. He gets dropped and luckily Ithyl is able to take him down with some mind magic. I have kicked Tristan several times in the jewels for being a fucking idiot. Granted things i need to work on is to simmer down and just let it slide. I will find a flat ground to make a pact with him. From the man standing in yet another burning town fireman is signing off.

Tristain's Adventure Log #2
The Plan That Went Okayish.

So me and my “allies” (more on that in a bit) stayed at the bubbling for the night. So they went to try to get inside the mage towers early in the morning. On there own. I offered my help, and they declined.

Later, at a moderately more sane hour of the morning, just as I was finishing breakfast. I then proceeded to wait outside the tower for this mage woman in silver robes. Apparently, she wasn’t able to get some sort of magnifying glass. Oh well.

So then we all headed to the temple. They made an announcement about Girmish, than Grimish himself appeared and confirmed it, and after that, killed some sort of high priest guy. Score. Met some guy named Ithyl. We’re getting along.

So, orcs started coming everywhere, and thats where my job started.

Plan part 1: Draw forces away from the temple and towards the least important attack: Successful. I got our group to head to the merchant section where there were only a couple of orcs. I even managed to drag along a strong looking paladin guy. Wasn’t wearing much armor, so I figured he’d be toast. Almost was. Most importantly, we didn’t attack the “women with roses”, aka my friends, that was my most important job. Complete success in that regard.

Also, something’s very, very wrong with that paladin. ChIlled me to the bone just being near him. I’ll have to look into that.

Plan part 2: Prove loyalty to the party. Ehhhhh, kinda. I save Ithyl’s life. While I had initially gone up on the roof to snipe the commander, I saw an opportunity to jump down from the roof with both of my blades and wreck some Orcs face. How many opportunities in life will I have to assassinate someone from a rooftop? I wind up dropping my fancy sword, but my regular sword skewered him in the chest. I almost had it land right through his heart. Managed to kill him with my fancy sword shortly afterwards. First kill of the fight

Sidenote: Some sort of red bead entered my weapon after I skewered the orc with it. I might have devoured it’s soul. If so, awesome.

Anyways, I then made a tactical error which nobody will forgive me for. I figured I would try to take out their commander. The odds of him putting out that fire in time where negligible. He should have been burning and panicking. So the big orc attacks the party and decapitates one of his own for being too week. Freaking lawfulls. As an added bonus, he almost killed the paladin, but alas, the fight ended before he fell from his wounds. However, he did talk about Kerith. This might be good or bad in the long run.

So I kill some more orcs. These wizards come up and blast a couple orcs, I tell them to go handle other areas of the city. We had it under control. All that was left was the guy in black full plate. I figured other people would see it as me being selfless. Wrong. Everyone gave me crap for that. Atlas especially, but I’m pretty sure he just wanted to get into her pants.

So I go up and face the Orc, manage to puncture it’s lung. And then it swings at me.

Next thing I know, I’m on the ground, the fight is over, and Atlass is kicking me in the nuts. Repeatedly.

I notice various people in the party are injured. I give them healing potions. Not that I’m thanked for it. In fact, Atlas tries to wrap his cloak around me. Or at least attempts to. I notice him before finishes the attack.

Also everyone flips out when I go to loot the merchant carts. I tell them that the merchants are probably dead at this point, and aren’t going to miss it. I’ll even give it to charity, I tell them (that’s even true, in a sense) of course, everyone was just boarded up inside, hiding.

Atlas comes up to me and apologizes. Maybe even sincerely, although I doubt it.

Heres what he doesn’t understand: I don’t care. I know the type of man he is. Pretends to be some holier than though hero but is corrupt to the core. I know what I am. I admit it.

He’s practically the spitting image of my father, in terms of actions. And I remember all too well how that turned out.

His life will end at the end of my blade. I swear it.

On a happier note, I found some sort of poison. Yay.

Aaaand that should be it. Time to rest.

-Tristain the Kinslayer

Varish's Eighth Entry
The Eighth Entry of Varish

So, we decided to stay at the Bubbly Cauldron for the night in Tarif. It was an inn which seemed to have a good deal of non-human creatures. So, that was cool. Atlas and I decided to try and save Tinka and Kyra’s stuff from the tower where they were being held. We though about saving them too, but we decided not to. Because it’s not like they had been all that useful anyway other than taking up space and generally using up oxygen. Anyway, I went to bed relatively early so that I could get up early. You know what they say: “Early to bed, early to rise, makes one less likely to have a social life” I’m not sure how that’s relevant, but whatever. So, the next morning, Atlas and I went to the Tower to get the magnifying glass. However, we apparently can’t get in without a token of some sort. So, we went to go figure out how to get one. Then a grey elf named Ithel started following us. He said he wanted to spread his fingers around different places or something. I don’t know. He kind of creeps me out. But he said he would try to help us, so I guess that’s…fine. I’m going to keep an eye on him. Anyway, we found Rakklan at a nearby inn and asked his magic user to help us out. She said she would after she finished doing the sideways salsa with her bed bunk. The bedroom ballet. The freaky folk dance. The intimate interpretive dance. The cheeky Charleston. The midnight moonwalk. They were dancing. I’m pretty sure they were just dancing. So, that’s all. Eventually she came down and went to the Tower. She took a while in there, so we went to the Temple. Ithel and Tristan stayed behind to wait for the wizard. Afterwards we all met up at Rakklan’s inn and went to the festivities from there. A guy there started giving a huge speech about how Grimash attacked that other town. I apologized though, so I think the town and I are good on that account. Like right when he said that though Grimash appeared. The timing could not have been more perfect but I think I was the only one who appreciated it. Humans just don’t appreciate the finer things in life. Anyway, it felt like it was time to save stuff again, so I got to it. We went off to fight a handful of black orcs. Tristan and I climbed up to the top of a building to try and provide some air support. Atlas, Ithel, and some other guy from the temple were on the ground fighting around some rose bushes. On my first shot though, I was setting my feet and was betrayed by the poor architecture of the gutter and slipped for a moment hurting my ankle and missing my shots. Ithel had used some kind of spell on 4 of the orcs and they all started freaking out. Tristan then jumped down from the building and was able to stab an orc in the back. I managed to recover on my next to shots and managed to land a solid blow with one of my next two shots. There was some other fighting going on but I was kind of bust trying to kill the orc that was killing me. Some of the creatures just seemed to be watching for the moment, however, which was good because I don’t know if we would have been able to take all of them at the same time. Atlas was dealing with the ogre pretty well, so that was good although he was taking some pretty serious damage, too. I wasn’t doing too great with my shots. Too make things worse, Tristan decided that, even though they had just been watching and not caring what happened, that he should attack the armored orargs and draw them into the fight. So glad he’s in our party. So, obviously, they started attacking. Idiot. They did take out one of their own orcs which was helpful but they also ended up knocking out the guy from the temple. Probably because he was only wearing chain mail. So, that’s kind of his fault. But whatever. Then Atlas made the worst/best/luckiest attack ever. He tripped over his own cloak, and as he was falling, he stabbed the ogre through the leg, cutting it off and killing him. Around this point, I realized that the orc who had been shooting at me couldn’t hit me. So, I shot at the armored orc who was trying to attack Ithel and hit him solidly in the chest area. But as I did, I noticed that smoke came out of the wound. Weird. To make things weirder that orc appeared to not see Ithel anymore. Probably because of how hard I hit him with my arrow. Then to make things weirder, the sky turned purple and a woman in black jumped down and a guy in the sky started making green smoky stuff all around us. It was a weird day. I remember the normal stuff we used to have to deal with like vanishing merchants and black hole-like rooms with shiny glitter. Anyway, while I was reminiscing about all this, I slipped and fell off of the roof but while I was falling grabbed some of the shingles falling next to me and threw them at the armored orc, damaging him before I hit the ground. It was pretty impressive and I think the wizard lady was impressed. By this time, the archer orc had gotten to me and tried stabbing me. Well, not really try to stab me so much as he stabbed me. But then the wizard lady electro-punched one of the orarcs and the guy in the sky finished him off the other one with a green beam of death. I’m glad these two were on our side. But when just the armored orc was left, Tristan (incorrectly) decided that we had a pretty good handle on it and the wizards left to go take care of some other fights in the area. I think he’s trying to get us all killed. Anyway we managed to chip away at him little by little while he knocked out Tristan, the new guy, and Atlas until finally, Ithel invaded his mind and killed him. When we got a chance to catch our breath and look around and see that the rest of the city was still in total chaos. That’s all for now. I’ve got some corpses to loot.


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