Godsmack II

Varish's Third Entry
The Third Entry of Varish

Dear Diary,
The tapestries turned out to be pretty interesting. They told a story about love, betrayal, death, and what not. Speaking of which, by the way, Kyra told me that Aiith is dead, for some reason. So, that friendship is over. I don’t know why she would lie about something like that. First, of all, we’ve been traveling for A WHILE. And NOW, she decides to bring this up. We already talked about my brother. And I was told that he was okay and that he had saved a small cheese village. All of a sudden, OUT OF THE BLUE, she decides that he died in the process of saving said cheese farm? I said I was looking forward to seeing Aiith, my brother, my twin brother, whom I have cared for and loved ever since he escaped from the womb a mere 3 hours after myself. My younger brother with whom I ran, played, and adventured with all throughout the Unmentioned Forest in the Realm of Hawkthorne that was our home. We promised that we would see each other again. I guess we were wrong. No. No, we weren’t wrong. We will see each other again. Kyra was lying. She was lying. She has to be. Kyra is lying to me.
I’ll have to get back to this line of inquiry because the halfling, the dwarf, and the halfblood were fighting some magic woman thing and four statues or whatever. I don’t know. I tried to focus on the fight, but my mind was wandering. I tried to focus. I remembered what I told Aiith once when we were practicing with the Cactus Bunch. “Inhale on short distance shots. Exhale on long distance shots. Look at the target, not the arrow. Feel the shot, don’t watch it. Draw the bow, don’t pull it. And when you release the string, be as gentle as through you were caressing a butterfly’s tear.” It worked. I managed to hit the woman in the chest, knocking her back so that the dwarf could finish her off. But the statues were still up. They were next. I hit one of them with 2 consecutive arrows. It wasn’t doing much, but it was more than our human was doing by singing, not being of much help to anybody. Humans. So…ungraceful. So…rude, inconsiderate, disrespectful. They don’t seem to care much about the beauty in the world. Just death. Destruction. So much so that they are willing to lie to someone about the death of a loved one, just for a passing fancy. I killed the statue I hit earlier with 2 more consecutive arrows. I was starting to run low. But I had to finish this first. Drekk was having trouble with a statue, so I finished it off for him. I was locked in at this point. My shooting at a point it had not been at for the entire adventure so far. There were only two statues left. Aiith and I used to be two. Just the two of us. Working together. Side by side. I knew I should have gone with him. Or he with me. We should have stayed together. I’ve lost one brother already. The reason for us splitting up was to look for him after all. But that’s no excuse. We should have stayed together. We should be alive together or perished together. Now I’m alone. I have nobody. It has become clear to me that the halfling will never return my advances. Not that I ever really expected her to. Maybe it was my attempt to fill a void I somehow already knew was there. I’m alone now. I lost one brother. The Cactus Bunch broke up. Now my brother is gone. I’m alone. And I always will be from here on out. There were two more statues. I killed the next one. Now there is one left. He is just like me. Alone. But not for long. Soon, he’ll go to join his brothers. Just like I’ll eventually join mine. But he’s going first. I’ll make sure of it. I wonder if Kyra has any siblings. Anybody she loves. Somebody she would do anything for. Somebody she would die for. And I wonder what she would do if they were to be lost to her. Forever. I wonder. While I was lost in thought, I killed the last statue. It was child’s play at this point. There were no more enemies in the room. Well…correction. There were no more statues in the room trying to kill us. I’m not so sure about the lack of enemies.
After the dust settled, we showed the group the tapestries and I noticed a whole in the wall. It wasn’t big enough for all of us, but most of us (myself, Snowball, and the halfling) were able to get in. We found a 10 foot lady inside with a stave. She told us of the vizer who would visit the tomb. She is here to protect it and he would visit through the stave. We went back out and the halfling noticed a symbol on the chair. We pushed it and a door appeared behind the tapestry where the hole was. We went through it.
There was another room with a thing in it. Gold. And a jar of something that the halfling and I drank. It made me feel powerful. Everybody else left the room, but I decided to stay behind to figure this out. And I did. I went back and told the party. The halfling gave me the ring since I figured out that being married to the princess would allow us to get the stave. We went back into the room. I got the stave. I came back out. Then I figured out how exactly the stave works. At least part of it anyway. I’ll figure the rest out later. I have a lot to figure out. But it seems I’m making excellent progress.
We made it back to the intersection chamber and decided to go north. We found three orcs in a room. We took them down. I got to try out the stave. It didn’t disappoint. One orc ran away. The same one as before. Coward. We tried to blast our way through the rock cave in, but it didn’t work. So, we went back to the cavern that had all of the orcs and goblins from before. Once again, there were several orcs and goblins there. Drekk tried to pass himself off as an orc. It basically worked until they asked him to come out. That almost worked too, but the only goblin who didn’t have a severe need of spectacles apparently noticed that the “orc” was just a halfling stacked on a dwarf. Idiots. So, we had to fight them. We killed them. I had some problems with the stave. I managed to break it up into a wand and a shield and keep using it. Which was perfect since we found another room with goblins and an orc. The halfling killed one with a sneak attack with the bow and arrow. It was quite impressive. Then the rest of us burst in and we were fighting once more. The effectiveness of the stave seemed to be wearing off. Or something was wrong with it. Either way, it didn’t seem to be working all that well. Drekk started taking a pretty serious beating by that point, so I decided to stop messing around with magic and return to what I knew. Archery. The good strong wood of a bow, the feel of string between my fingers, and the woosh of the arrow as it flies towards my target. It worked. I fired at the ogre and he fell. Then one of the beasts hit Drekk and the halfling with a fire ball of something. They were both out for the count. I moved in to try to take him out, but the incline of the room threw me off. It didn’t matter. I found my footing again and hit him with my next two arrows. The beast then released a cone of fire which hit everybody in the party except for me because I was wise enough to keep my distance. Looked like I would have to carry the party once more. The stress got to me and I missed my next to shots. Kyra was trying to revive the party. Tinka managed to finish off the orc thing. We had won, but it was very close. I noticed that Tinka hadn’t done much for a little bit, but when it counted, she managed to come through for us. So, we looked around and we eventually saw a little hole above the wall and eyes watching us. We didn’t really have any way to get up there and we were pretty tired, so we decided to sleep in the sarcophagus room. There was a lot to think about. And a lot that I still had to do.

Varish's Second Entry
The Second Entry of Varish

Dear Diary,

In case you remember from the end of my last entry, we landed in a pile of bones after I saved us from the moving wall that tried to crush us. But, we weren’t out of danger yet. There were skeletons in there. They didn’t seem very friendly, so we attacked them. At least, they attacked us. The one in front of me almost took my arm off with a vicious hit. I decided to respond by hitting him with a bone. I’m sure he was struck by the irony of it all as I struck him in the face. Get it? I’m hilarious. He didn’t seem to appreciate it since he still tried to fight me, but I blocked him pretty easily. There were some silvery sparks or something at one point, but everything was sort of a blur as I was kind of focused on not dying. I cracked my bone over his head and split his skull, but then he seemed to hit me and everything went black.
When I finally came to, Snowball was over me, waving his hands. Apparently, the skeletons had been killed by the dwarf (I knew he was cool) and we opened a chest that was in the room. But all of this was secondary to the fact that my beautiful halfling had been severely wounded by the skeletons. I could only wish the one who did this was still alive because I had a bone to pick with them. (no pun intended) Anyway, there was also gold and I got some of that for myself. Unfortunately, Snowball was out of healing spells, so I was the only one who was able to heroically carry the halfling, whose name I know not, to safety. And I did it on the first try, diary. Then Snowball told us about the talking rat he met and asked if we could stay the night. He seemed nice. But he wants to die. Anyway, we summoned his magical street merchant to help us but he left while he was saying he “has the right…”. More irony. I would have guffawed heartily aloud if the situation hadn’t been so, non-guffaw worthy. Anyway, we bought some potions and I gave it to the halfling. She was ungrateful. I’ll change her mind eventually.
Anyway, we got the magic merchant guy back and Snowball and I went on a shopping spree. A very. Long. Shopping Spree. And by spree, I mean we took a very long time to buy very little. Although I did get a sick bladed composite bow. In the meantime, while people were purchasing the goods, I thought of ideas for the book I’m writing. Maybe something where a human dresses up as some sort of creature to fight crime. Something that flies. Like…a bird. No, something scarier. Like…a bee. Or they could be separate heroes and team up. Needs work. Also, this merchant seems obsessed with fish, stones, bears, and a festival of mooning or something. But silent moons, if that makes sense. But he seemed hesitant to sell us weapons because even though they were celebrating being silent, nobody was allowed to be deadly. Odd indeed.
Before long, the group needed my amazing acting skills (they must have heard of some of my work back when I was in the Cactus Bunch (I miss those guys. (I miss my brother, Aiith. (I wonder what happened to him. (I’ll have to check in on that later. (This is a lot of parentheses sets.))))) So, I got to act as a tough Dragon House guy. Stabbed a dagger on the table and everything. But I got the job done. It was awesome.
After we finished (and possibly got the merchant killed?), we rested for a while, then continued moving. We went down the hall, by a big 12-sided shape in the wall. Near there, there was a “hole” in the ceiling. The halfling used the moon lamp we had to look at the ceiling and find the numbers 4-1-1-2. We used them to try to figure out the 12-sided thing. We couldn’t figure it out, so we kept going. Then we found a secret door. It went to a black room kind of like the one Drekk and I got caught in earlier. So we knew what to do this time. We found a mirror that, when we put the same silvery stuff on it that we had the last time, a bunch of words showed up on the wall, all pertaining to different types of moons. This place seems to have an obsession with moons and such. Humans are weird. Then there was a riddle about singing the word moon. I said the word moon and my genius was enough to help everybody else figure it out. Because apparently my amazingness is contagious…ness. Sorry. I wanted that to rhyme. For artistic reasons. Then the stone lady appeared again. Tinka kept singing about moons. Stuff kept appearing on walls. You get the idea. But me, being awesome, solved so many of the riddles. Because I’m awesome. Then the lady left and we got the door back. So we used it. I feel like we’re going to be stuck in this cave for a while. Speaking of which, we found an exit, but it was caved in. So, we will almost definitely be stuck in this cave for a while unless we find another exit soon. I guess that that goes without saying. Eventually, we got back to the snake cavern because we found a brick with the skeletons that looked like it would fit in the missing brick place. So, we put the brick in and a snake came out of the wall and started wrapping itself around Drekk as the wall started to crumble. Then the snake statues came to life and started to try to kill us. Just like almost everything else we’ve met so far. (Except for the rat guy and the merchant with short-term memory. They were chill.)
Anyway, we killed them and found a secret room. There were tapestries and what-not. Well, that’s all for this post. I think I found something about a silver princess. I’ll have to investigate further. I’ll keep you posted, diary. Toodles.

Varish's First Entry (session 01)
The First Entry of Varish

Dear Diary,
I started out on this journey to look for my brother, but things have certainly gone pear-shaped indeed.
I have been robbed by a group of bandits. Thankfully they left you behind so that I may divulge my thoughts to you privately where nobody else can see. For my thoughts are personal and strictly for my eyes only. That’s the whole point of a diary after all. But I digress. I have been robbed and all of my possessions have been robbed from me. Robbed I say! Robbed. One of them may have been named Rob. But I have no proof. I will find out. But they were probably humans, adding to what I already know about the general stupidity of the human race. They are mostly idiots. I do know a few good humans, but they are few and far between.
The odd thing about the attack is that they healed us afterwards. We woke up in a dark place. There were voices. Light filled the room and suddenly I saw a dwarf holding a severed arm. A human and a halfling ran at me and tried to embrace me for some reason. I refused to let them, of course.
The dwarf’s name is Drekk or something. I couldn’t hear him clearly through his beard. They should learn what shaving is as well as basic grooming.
Before long, we set off, looking for an exit to the cave in which we had found ourselves. In that cave were rats and a snake. They seemed to be fighting. The halfling, apparently named, “Tink,” for some reason. Whether due to nickname or poor naming ability of what I assume was the human half of her family, I have no idea. She seemed particularly attached to the snake. I assume it is her familiar. I threw a rock in an attempt to help and, you never believe this, Diary. It bounced off like 3 things and landed exactly back where I picked it up from. It was the COOLEST THING! You should have been there. Well, you were there, but you are an inanimate object, incapable of viewing the awesome events which make up my life and are in existence for the sole reason for my ability to vent and express myself in a safe, personal manner, or so my therapist said. I was doing pretty well last time I saw him, though because he said that there was nothing more he could so for me. But back to the fight. The halfling whose name I don’t know yet took out a rat on his own. She seems pretty cool and pretty pretty. The dwarf got attacked by a rat. It was kind of funny, but I decided to help him. He seems gruff, but still nice and despite our racial differences, we could turn out to be friends. As the great elf, Lartin Muther J. Kunior once said: “Boycott shampoo. Demand the real poo!” By which he meant that we must wash away the crappy-looking differences of those who are not conditioned by the same upbringing as ourselves and try to be friends anyway. Or that was just from a weird dream I had. Either way, it holds true. While I was distracted by these thoughts of friendship, I ran towards the rat and, you’ll never guess what happened. I tripped over THE SAME ROCK I THREW EARLIER!!! It was so crazy. I did a really cool recovery though and I thing the cute halfling noticed it. She seemed pretty impressed. At the same time, the small blue thing froze the rat and the human finished it off. It was a pretty great battle.
Also, two of these people, Kyra (a human) and Tinka knew Aiith. I’ll have to follow this up and see where he went. Anyway, one of the rats started moving even after I crushed it’s skull, so the girls got freaked out (“girls” includes the fairy, but not the cute halfling, by the way. She’s pretty tough). Anyway, we left. I talked to the halfling. She’s totally interested in me. We had the best conversation about the weather that I have ever had with a female halfling that I met after being mugged on the road and having to fight off direrats.
Anyway, we get to this room with like these 2 snakeman statues and a missing hole in the wall. The room was really clean, which is odd for a cave. So, we decided to leave. The halfling in front of me started to slip, but I totally caught her. In the end, we made it all the way up back to the room with the rats. The rat was still moving, but we cut off the arms and legs so if it comes back to life, it’ll just look ridiculous.
Anyway, we decided to go down the tunnel towards the area that had a bunch of footsteps going in that direction. Before long, we saw lights at the end of the tunnel.
There were orcs and goblins that wanted to sacrifice us or whatever, so we took them down. The dwarf took one of their clubs pretty quickly, then the halfling (the pretty one) ran by everybody and attacked the main goblin. It was so amazing. Then the other halfling (the Tinka one) made a giant snake appear, but it didn’t do too much. Then the halfling (the cute one) got shot by an arrow. It looked like it hurt. Then another one shot her too. That was too much, so I ran up and punched one in the face. Two of the orcs tried to stab me, but I was too fast for me and they’re incompetent. Then the fairy shot a snowball at a goblin. Basically, we were destroying the orcs and it wasn’t even close. The dwarf got ambushed from behind a boulder though, which was also bad. Lots of stuff was going on at this point and I couldn’t really keep track of it all except for what I was doing. Speaking of which, the orc I was fighting tried to stab me, but I broke the javelin through sheer awesomeness and intimidation, then caught 2 pieces of the javelin and used them to hit him in the face. Basically, diary, I’m awesome and the halfling chick is totally going to be into me. Because I’m awesome. And because I’m awesome I hit him in the face with my spike hand and killed him. By that time, the other bad guys were dead or ran off. I got 5 javelins from my dude and a leather pouch with 8 gold coins. The halfling looked pretty, but also pretty bad, so I hope she’s okay. I decided to carry her until we could find a way to heal her. I hope she’ll be okay. At the end of the tunnel, the dwarf and the fairy saw a bunch of enemies in the room and we decided to turn around and go the other way. We saw the moving rat again and I realized that there was just a smaller rat underneath it, so I kicked the larger rat off of it, to put an end to this charade. Then we kept going.
We found an area full of blackness and Drek went in to check it out while I waited with the cute halfling. Drek took a while, so I went in after him, due to my being really heroic and whatnot. I found Drek in the dark and had to try to carry him out. Before long, I found a silver scroll and I had the amazing idea to use it to light our path and find a way out. We were able to find some torches to light along the walls to light up the room. After we lit the whole room up, a stone lady appeared and opened up secret doors along the walls. In one of these hallways, I met this little white rat who motioned for us to follow him, so we did. It’s not like we have any better ideas. Then we found a room full of gold and on the wall it said: “Time is short, e see it all, Gold meets gold, all to all, One to find in the all, Before e are placed in all.” Then the wall started to move in and probably would have crushed us if I hadn’t saved the day again. I put the last brick in the wall and stopped it from crushing us. Anyway, we’re sitting in a huge pile of bones now and they seem to be moving, so that’s all for today’s adventure. I’m going to catch some shut eye and fill you in on what happens tomorrow.
So long, diary,
P.S. Wish me luck with the halfling.

Session 0: Captured and Confused
The party is captured by mysterious bandits

Captured and Confused

Each character has begun this adventure in a different way, but all are united in experience and situation. Every member of the party has the same story to share: They were found and waylaid by a group of bandits all in the same uniform of black and red. No one can quite pinpoint how many captors there were in their event since so many of the foes were hidden or obscured, taking pot shots upon them with poison-tipped arrows and blades. Each kidnapping party was primarily human, but led by an orog in chain with some mysterious symbol on his chest. Trolls and ogres were also united with the humans, primarily distracting their prey with their presence to not pursue the orog or the humans.

The party awakes, surrounded by complete darkness, largely naked and confused. The few belongings they have are enough clothes to make them decent, but tattered to confuse them for a beggar. Each have a lingering headache and throb in their head from the insidious effects of the poison that made them fall unconscious. Besides a few scrapes, they are largely unwounded – mended, even, from their more grievous woulds from being stabbed and shot.

Many questions lay unanswered: How did they get to where they were? Where exactly are they? Who were these fierce and merciless bandits? What do they want? Why did they get healed? When will they find their stuff and loved ones?


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