Yisu Shine

Cleric of Paleen for the Rangers - Deceased


Former cleric for the Raklan’s Rangers.

Yisu from a small age knew that she always had a calling. None but her father, a trader from Keyport, believed her. This little encouragement blossomed as the young woman grew up and the father let her go in whatever direction she wanted to. Her mother was never absent from her life, but always thought small – a curious thing for a trader’s wife.

Her complexion is darker and sallow than most denizens of Arvenfell due to her mixed birth of father and mother. Her father was a trader from a far away land, but stayed in Keyport after falling for a common beauty in Keyport – love was love, after all.

Yisu insisted in joining Raklan’s party once she heard from the monks and other clerics in the Temple of Paleen. Her brothers and sisters murmured that near Trackem groups of orcs were stirring. Seeing the opportune moment to join and change the course of history, she traveled to Trackem by herself and waited four days until the Rangers showed up. Seeing her plain determination, they decided to accept her.

Unfortunately, her destiny did come true, and she did change the course of history – as a sacrifice to bring back the orc god Grimish. Her life was cut short as the evil god devoured her entirely to complete his release into this world.


Yisu Shine

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