Vere Aelyrûne

Arctic Uldra Druid




Born to the nomadic Tierr’ni clan in the frozen wastelands that lie just slightly above the Antarctic Circle, Vere is an Uldra, easily distinguished from other creatures by virtue of his short stature and pale blue skin. Although it is not readily apparent exactly what race Vere belongs to, as the Uldra are a highly reclusive people and distrustful of outsiders, a cursory observation reveals a set of fairly conspicuous ears and a sharp chin, leading most to conclude, correctly, that he is some sort of fey. Since these features are difficult to disguise and current society has not proven kind to the presence of nonhumans, Vere has recently taken up an interest in hats, partially because he enjoys their extravagant appearance and partly for the fact that he can now more easily pass himself off as a small child with a serious medical condition. Although this arrangement suits him just fine, Vere would still much prefer to be back among his own people, and would be there now if it were not for a rather unfortunate incident that occurred in his homeland. Vere’s people have a longstanding tradition of protecting and preserving the natural order of things, which is part of the reason very few have ever encountered them, as they spend most of their time in places no one else would be stupid enough to venture (like the Antarctic). However, Vere took this duty perhaps a little too seriously, declaring war upon the local eskimo population for their treatment of the various domestic animals which they kept for food and clothing. By taking it upon himself to free these animals, and in the process causing much of their population to starve, Vere did not help to ease relations between his own people and the other nomadic races that eked a living out in the tundra, most of whom already looked upon the Uldra with distrust. In order to smooth relations between the Uldra and the neighboring tribes, Vere’s elders ordered him into exile, only to return once he has learned temperance. At least 4 decades have passed since then and Vere has yet to show even a minor understanding of “constraint”; in fact, now that he has discovered something called veganism, he is even more set in his goal to persuade the world of the importance of eating only dairy free, organic and non-allergenic fruits and vegetables. Vere will not stop on his quest until he has rid the world of hydrogenated oils and unsustainable animal-derived substances.

Vere Aelyrûne

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