Varish Gambish

Elf Ranger


I am Varish of the House of Gambish, Locater of the Lonely Island, Discoverer of the Singular Color, and Herder of the Nerd Clan, brother of Aiith (A-e-th), Burner of Bows, Marshal of Math, and breaker of bats, son of Niian (Ni-ian), survivor of the 6th season, unlocker of peels, and knower of lines, cousin of Armanaleg, the Terribly Awkward, member of the legendary 603rd Granite Guild, who aided in rescuing Timmy’s Grandfather from uncertain demise. I watch over the Unmentioned Forest of the realm of Hawkthorne. I speak for the Forest and its inhabitants.


Varish was born the son of Niian Gambish. His mother was Beaya (Bee-ay-ya) of the House of Nayrie. Varish had a fairly normal childhood, looking up to his older siblings and helping take care of his younger siblings, who are too numerous to be listed here. Varish was raised to be a Representative of the Unmentioned Forest and to speak for its inhabitants. The realm of Hawkthorne, while ruled by an insensitive, but relatively fair man, was split into several large sections, each of which kept mainly to themselves. Life was peaceful and, upon reaching adulthood, Varish’s brother, Aiith took his place as Watcher of the Forest and did well, dealing with any and all problems well and expertly, becoming better and better at his job over the years. Varish went out into the world to make a name for himself, to learn what he could, right any wrongs he might find, and perhaps make a name for himself and make his fortune while his twin brother stayed as Watcher of the Forest until he returned.

Varish Gambish

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