Rowan Blackmane

Human fighter of the Rangers, Raklan's oldest friend


Rowan is the fighter and main muscle of Raklan’s Rangers.

Rowan grew up, son of a famous sergeant in Ostham and knew how to wield a sword since the age of four. His chiseled face denotes that he may have descended from noble blood, but Rowan will always deny that claim. He’s well built and tall, and the sometimes crush of many ladies in the Arvenfell region, though he is oblivious to it all. The only woman that has ever held his attention was Elle Borebane, but he refuses to let his true feelings come out.

The warrior is the best friend Raklan ever had, but have only known each other for a handful of years. They got to know each other as fellow guards in Trackem and held many shifts together on the wall. Rowan knew that Raklan would never stay, but Rowan’s duty held him to the wall. When Raklan had the idea of having an adventuring party, Rowan saw the immediate good he could do and sided with the ranger. He was the first to ally himself in the Rangers.


Rowan Blackmane

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