Raklan Longstrider

Leader of Trackem's "Raklan Ranger's" adventure group


A human with long, brown hair and “common blue” eyes. He’s known for his charisma amongst soldiers and has always had a decently easy life, using his wits and strength to get him out of most jams.

Once he was a common guard for Trackem but the soldier’s life was not for him, and sought a more natural existence. He went to the woods and went missing for a number of years, but a few travelers mentioned his existence alongside the main roads, helping those in need.

Some event, one he holds to his breast, brought him back to society and called for adventurers to ride along him to battle. He found his little group in every corner of society and they have enjoyed two long years of adventure and praise from every man and woman.

His weapon of choice is a long bow, he said to be carved himself. He is never caught without some sort of blade (normally a forester’s axe) for when it is in need. He is often resourceful and has a handful of items to get him out of a bind.

Raklan met the adventuring party in the southern caves where the orcs laid to return the great orc god Grimish. He was found wounded, having escaped from the orcs. He now aids the strangely allied party whenever he can.


Raklan Longstrider

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