La'calla Leftstep

Half-elf rogue, in Raklan's party


La’calla Leftstep is a pale-skinned rogue, a part of Raklan’s Rangers.

She has medium to long raven hair and impossibly pale. Leftstep is known to be the cruder of Raklan’s Rangers and plays the sometimes-muscle. She is often quoted as a beauty, but when she opens her mouth those opinions are normally quelled.

La’calla is a half-elf that never knew her elvish mother, left with her human father for fear of being shunned in the secret elvish city not far from Arvenfell. Her father played the best he could, nurturing a half-breed, but fear caused him to shelter the child from the outside world. One day, he found her a bloody mess in her room, trying to cut off the tips of her ears so that she could run and play with the children outside. She succeeded with only one ear, and because such, she often times hides that ear from public view.

Raklan found La’calla when she was in a jail in Brightmere, caught for breaking and entering the house of one of the wealthiest merchants. Her life of crime came to be when her father passed and all she knew was how to break out of her own house – breaking in shouldn’t have been a problem. On the morning she was to be executed, the Rangers were coming through town. Rowan Blackmane remembered the girl through the window at the Leftfoot household in Ostham and pushed for her release into the Rangers’ care. Thankful for being a part of a family, she has been faithful ever since. She was the last of the Rangers until Yisu Shine came about.


La'calla Leftstep

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