Elle Borebane

Pretty and smart human wizard, only mildly snobby


A human wizardess who has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She is of a slender build, but a close look will reveal noble features on her face. She moves gracefully and dresses to reveal her form.

Elle was of noble birth from the great Borebane family in Tariff. She knew nothing of magick, or even a magic user, and was excited to live a noble life. One day, she was picnicking with a would-be suitor and when he attempted to perform a lewd act, Elle pushed the man’s body from his advances. Pushed him fifteen feet away.

It was then that she knew she had the talent for magic in her and was put away in the Towers of Tariff to hone her ability, but more importantly to be separated from higher society. Her only tie to her family is her sister who is desperately trying to not be a magic user, despite Elle senses magic flowing through her veins.

Raklan is a second or third cousin from Elle and was the second person he approached to join his Rangers. Elle, being recently graduated from the Towers decided it was her journeyman process to join Raklan. She provides many connections the group requires to survive and plays to posh princess when a mission dictates it – though the character she plays is not terribly different from her true nature.


Elle Borebane

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