Godsmack II

Varish's Tenth Post

The Tenth Post of Varish

Well, I chilled with the merchants for a while after the fight, then went back to the temple for a while to sleep. We woke up the next morning and the grey elf, Ithyl seemed to have finally recovered from his shock yesterday from all the fighting and his daze seemed to be gone. So, we checked out the temple and it was packed with people and they were all praying and getting blessed and stuff. I guess having your city attacked by gods really increases belief in a higher power. Who knew? Anyway, Holf went off with some armor I think to bless it or something. Tristan wondered around town for a while and Atlas was talking about fixing stuff to people and whatever. Eventually, Holf tracked all of us down and asked us if we wanted to go to Trakkem to do stuff. Atlas and I had to go back to Trakkem anyway, so we were cool with that. We’d decide if we were actually going to do stuff with him or not later though. I bought some arrows to replenish my set, so that was cool. After that I was kind of bored, so I was going through my stuff and found that cool pink coin I got back in the cave. I’m pretty sure it had something to do with magic, so I put it on my bow and it changed around and shifted and stuff. My small audience of merchants was quite impressed. My bow looks like it got a place I can look through and it looks much more impressive. The merchants wanted to see it in action, so one gave me an arrow and asked me if I could shoot a bird that was across the city. I must admit, it wasn’t exactly my best shot, but the bow seemed to make up for my mediocrity and I totally obliterated the bird. It was sick! Holf told me it was awesome, but he kept asking me what it was. I don’t think he’s ever seen a bow before, which is weird because I was using it in the fight earlier and he seemed cool with it then. Maybe him being dazed resulted in some memory loss as well. He’s certainly an odd one. Then I just kind of spent the rest of the day chilling with the merchants and whatnot. Everyone else had been wandering around all day, so we’re going to spend another night before we head back to Trakkem tomorrow. It was a boring day. So, the next day, we woke up, got some horses (mine was named Marisol) and headed off. When we got there, we went to the temple and got the recipe for my antidote to the whole “turning green” thing. So we’ll probably get to that pretty soon.

Until next time,
This is Varish signing off



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