Godsmack II

Varish's Ninth Post

The Ninth Post of Varish

Diary, luckily my handwriting is perfect because I’m writing this as we run through the burning city towards the temple. I normally wait until we aren’t doing stuff to make an entry, but I don’t know how this day will end up. The 2 new guys we met were traumatized or something by our most recent fight against the orcs, so they’re in shock or something I don’t know. Something just exploded. Cool. And Atlas just ran off towards some flower lady or something. We made it to the temple to find people fighting a huge orc thing. My first arrow hit his armor, but he blocked it. Woah, cool light attack thing! Anyway, I’m going to try to shoot again. I’ll try shooting while making my entry. Hang on. Haha! Nailed it! Hit him right in the neck. What??? It popped back out. That’s stupid. Triistan tried summoning a thing, but it’s sick I think. One of the sisters turned her dying sister gold, which seems to be helping. The orc just turned blue and killed Triistan’s bead or something. If he dies, maybe I’ll get it. He tried rolling, but he tripped or whatever and he got hit. The paladin and the other elf are just standing there. Still in shock I guess. I should probably stop shooting at the orc while writing, but it’s a fun personal challenge. The sisters are yelling at each other, but they seem to be channeling their anger into their fighting. So, that’s good. Hey, Atlas is here! He healed Triistan’s leg a little bit, so it looks like I might not get his bead after all. But then the orc created a giant bubble of darkness. I was about to appraise the curvature of the bubble to determine the center of it and discern where the orc was, but before I could fire (probably because I was too busy writing this) Triistan made use of his healed leg by cartwheeling in and popping the bubble by stabbing him in the leg. It was pretty impressive. The paladin and the elf are either impressed now or still in shock from earlier. I can’t tell.

So, he’s dead but now the rose lady is coming, and the wizard sisters are leaving us to take care of this on our own. So, looks like we’ve got a little war of the roses on our hands. We did manage to call down a wizard to give me and Atlas some ice armor to help protect us, so that’s good. Triistan was off hiding or something. Maybe he’s allergic to flowers. That’ll be unfortunate if he is. Anyway, I found some more arrows, so I’m ready to go! She started by shooting vines at us and I almost dropped you, diary, but I didn’t. Hang on. Okay, I’m back. Outraged by her endangerment of your pages, I fired an arrow at her and knocked some of her rose pedals off. I did it because of the vines. Atlas summoned a scorpion and the rose lady responded by spitting a bug animal at it or something. It was weird. Anyway, I had to make up for my performance during the last battle, so I hit her with another arrow and it seemed to do some more damage to her. I’m hoping that if we can kill her, her beast thing will be much easier to stop. Anyway, Atlas’ scorpion is getting entangled, so that’s bad probably. I mean, it definitely isn’t good. It also wasn’t good that Triistan is being as useless in this battle as he was helpful in the last battle. The rose lady spit a bunch of needles at Atlas. I should probably do something. I did something. I fired two arrows at her and one of them managed to kill her. So, I’m pretty awesome.

That devil thing she summoned is still here though and seems to be giving Atlas and his scorpion a hard time. Also, the vines are still here, so my theory about killing her first wasn’t as spot on as I thought it would be. Still, she’s dead, so that’s good. Triistan is stumbling through and around the vines trying to get to the devil, so that’s embarrassing. Luckily, I don’t need to move to shoot arrows. One of the two I fired did tickle him though, so that should distract him enough for someone else to do some actual damage. Worth a shot. Haha. A shot. Get it, diary. Do you? It’s a pun, or play on words. Shot as in attempt or try. But also shot as in attack with a bow and arrow. Get it? Do you? I do. I hope that my arrow tickled the devil at least as much as that joke tickled me. Also, the elf and paladin are still standing off in the background uselessly watching us struggle for our lives against this lower plane beast. Anyway, I fired two more arrows and one of them hit him pretty solidly, so that’s good and Atlas followed up with a sword blow to his belly. I feel like my arrows have been hitting about 50/50, which actually isn’t all that bad, I guess. Could be better, but could also be worse. The devil took a shot at Triistan and managed to hit him, and I’ve noticed that people generally seem to fight in a certain order. Like the flow of the battle is so very in sync that the order is constantly the same. Like in this battle, it’s been going Atlas, Triistan, bad guy, me for this entire turn. I mean, I’m sure it’s just coincidental, but it’s weird. What’s weirder is that when the devil hit Triistan, a tail popped out. So, that’ll be a conversation for later. On the other hand, the paladin guy we’ve been holding on to finally snapped out of his stupor and began fighting, which is definitely going to help. If nothing else, he can distract him and spread out the damage we’re taking. But the surprise at seeing Triistan’s tail sent Atlas into some kind of frenzy and he attacked the devil for several solid hits. Then the devil began attacking back and almost stabbed Atlas with his beard, which a feel was an odd choice but whatever. Anyway, I killed the devil thing before he facially stabbed Atlas with his facial hair, so the paladin didn’t end up contributing all too much in the end. Nice to see he’s no longer catatonic though.

In addition, Triistan is apparently not entirely human. Something demonic I suppose. I don’t know why he thought it was such a big deal, but I guess that’s his problem. I think the elf is still standing in shock outside somewhere. He hasn’t seen much fighting in his day I guess. Anyway, Atlas and Triistan went off to “have words” as Atlas called it. While they were doing that, the paladin and I discussed the god fighting stuff with the sisters and apparently it’s a god reunion or something because there’s Carrot, god of eyesight, his daughter, Rose, and his wife, Nemo. And it’s weird that they might be working with Grimace, god of discomfort, because they usually don’t do that. At least, I think that’s what it was, I wasn’t really paying attention, but I think I got the gist of it. So, we ended up staying the night. Before bed though, I went to the merchant’s area and regaled them with my tails (oops, I was thinking about something else) my tales of saving the city. I may have skewed them slightly to make myself look better but, whatever.

Anyway, I’ll get back to you tomorrow diary.

Until next time,



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