Godsmack II

Varish's Eleventh Post

The Eleventh Post of Varish

Well, we’ve been in the town for not super long, but Tristain and I went to a shop and I asked if the lady had any yellow roses or white oak bark. You know, for the cure thing. Anyway, she said if we watched her shop for the night, she’d give me the roses. AND she even told us where to find the stag that leads people to this magical White Oak thing I’ll need some of the bark of. So, that’s cool. This cure thing might be easier to put together than I thought.

Anyway, I went back to visit the tavern and said hi to everybody. When I was there, we found a dead guy at a table. We picked him up to examine him and he had this black goo all over him and stuff. Anyway, I didn’t find anything on hims, but he had a black crystal in his chest. Atlas tried to poke him with his sword and these little tentacles came out and tried to grab his sword. I wanted to see what the tentacles were, so I grabbed the table knife and stabbed at the tentacles. They pulled the knife into the body and the old man jolted back to life. As he was doing so, I think he splashed his drink off the table because some of them got on the front of my pants. That’s what it was. His drink. Nothing else. Anyway, he started freaking out and asking what was going down. Holf told him to calm down. He then turned evil. For a paladin, this guy didn’t have the most positive influence. Holf fell down in pain and I freaked out and grabbed the nearest thing, which was a fork on the table, and stabbed him in the gem area. He jumped up and we all jumped back. As I did so, I remembered that his gem thing totally fit in the bow thing I have. I finally had a chance to use my new magic bow in battle, so I drew and fired. He tried blocking it with the table, but my arrow flew around the table and hit him nonetheless. My party members managed to get some good hits, but then he threw his table at us and I went unconscious. When I came to, I saw that Lilly had a giant crossbow, Ithyl was down and Atlas looked like he had just gotten back into the fight. I didn’t know where Tristain was. I quickly backed up to give myself some more space in case he decided to start throwing things again and fired 2 more arrows. One of them went through his head and he fell down dead. Atlas pulled out his gem and tossed it to me. Also, we realized that I can totally get Ithyl’s liver now because he’s dead! Everything is working out well. So, I put the bead in the bow and it turned black and the string turned shadowy and stuff. It’s pretty cool. I’ll have to try it out in our next fight.

We brought the body of the dead guy back to the temple, where apparently nobody has been dying. Then we went back to the tavern where the goo was still being belligerent. But Holf brightened the room and managed to dispel it with the use of pure light. Then I went out and bought a helmet which Atlas had recommended I get. Then the quartermaster talked to me and I told him I saved Tariff, and he was grateful. He seems pretty cool. Then Atlas told him about everything else that’s been going on and then the quartermaster told us other stuff that’s been going on including where to find some of the stuff I need to get for my cure.

So, later that night, Tristain and I went to go stand watch at the person’s store. There were a couple of times when people were knocking on the gates of the city. Being good guards, however, we refused to leave our post. And the whole time, nobody tried to challenge us. Probably because of my awesome reputation. And the next morning, we set out west towards the white oak and the dwarven mines.

Until next time,



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