Godsmack II

Varish's Eighth Entry

The Eighth Entry of Varish

So, we decided to stay at the Bubbly Cauldron for the night in Tarif. It was an inn which seemed to have a good deal of non-human creatures. So, that was cool. Atlas and I decided to try and save Tinka and Kyra’s stuff from the tower where they were being held. We though about saving them too, but we decided not to. Because it’s not like they had been all that useful anyway other than taking up space and generally using up oxygen. Anyway, I went to bed relatively early so that I could get up early. You know what they say: “Early to bed, early to rise, makes one less likely to have a social life” I’m not sure how that’s relevant, but whatever. So, the next morning, Atlas and I went to the Tower to get the magnifying glass. However, we apparently can’t get in without a token of some sort. So, we went to go figure out how to get one. Then a grey elf named Ithel started following us. He said he wanted to spread his fingers around different places or something. I don’t know. He kind of creeps me out. But he said he would try to help us, so I guess that’s…fine. I’m going to keep an eye on him. Anyway, we found Rakklan at a nearby inn and asked his magic user to help us out. She said she would after she finished doing the sideways salsa with her bed bunk. The bedroom ballet. The freaky folk dance. The intimate interpretive dance. The cheeky Charleston. The midnight moonwalk. They were dancing. I’m pretty sure they were just dancing. So, that’s all. Eventually she came down and went to the Tower. She took a while in there, so we went to the Temple. Ithel and Tristan stayed behind to wait for the wizard. Afterwards we all met up at Rakklan’s inn and went to the festivities from there. A guy there started giving a huge speech about how Grimash attacked that other town. I apologized though, so I think the town and I are good on that account. Like right when he said that though Grimash appeared. The timing could not have been more perfect but I think I was the only one who appreciated it. Humans just don’t appreciate the finer things in life. Anyway, it felt like it was time to save stuff again, so I got to it. We went off to fight a handful of black orcs. Tristan and I climbed up to the top of a building to try and provide some air support. Atlas, Ithel, and some other guy from the temple were on the ground fighting around some rose bushes. On my first shot though, I was setting my feet and was betrayed by the poor architecture of the gutter and slipped for a moment hurting my ankle and missing my shots. Ithel had used some kind of spell on 4 of the orcs and they all started freaking out. Tristan then jumped down from the building and was able to stab an orc in the back. I managed to recover on my next to shots and managed to land a solid blow with one of my next two shots. There was some other fighting going on but I was kind of bust trying to kill the orc that was killing me. Some of the creatures just seemed to be watching for the moment, however, which was good because I don’t know if we would have been able to take all of them at the same time. Atlas was dealing with the ogre pretty well, so that was good although he was taking some pretty serious damage, too. I wasn’t doing too great with my shots. Too make things worse, Tristan decided that, even though they had just been watching and not caring what happened, that he should attack the armored orargs and draw them into the fight. So glad he’s in our party. So, obviously, they started attacking. Idiot. They did take out one of their own orcs which was helpful but they also ended up knocking out the guy from the temple. Probably because he was only wearing chain mail. So, that’s kind of his fault. But whatever. Then Atlas made the worst/best/luckiest attack ever. He tripped over his own cloak, and as he was falling, he stabbed the ogre through the leg, cutting it off and killing him. Around this point, I realized that the orc who had been shooting at me couldn’t hit me. So, I shot at the armored orc who was trying to attack Ithel and hit him solidly in the chest area. But as I did, I noticed that smoke came out of the wound. Weird. To make things weirder that orc appeared to not see Ithel anymore. Probably because of how hard I hit him with my arrow. Then to make things weirder, the sky turned purple and a woman in black jumped down and a guy in the sky started making green smoky stuff all around us. It was a weird day. I remember the normal stuff we used to have to deal with like vanishing merchants and black hole-like rooms with shiny glitter. Anyway, while I was reminiscing about all this, I slipped and fell off of the roof but while I was falling grabbed some of the shingles falling next to me and threw them at the armored orc, damaging him before I hit the ground. It was pretty impressive and I think the wizard lady was impressed. By this time, the archer orc had gotten to me and tried stabbing me. Well, not really try to stab me so much as he stabbed me. But then the wizard lady electro-punched one of the orarcs and the guy in the sky finished him off the other one with a green beam of death. I’m glad these two were on our side. But when just the armored orc was left, Tristan (incorrectly) decided that we had a pretty good handle on it and the wizards left to go take care of some other fights in the area. I think he’s trying to get us all killed. Anyway we managed to chip away at him little by little while he knocked out Tristan, the new guy, and Atlas until finally, Ithel invaded his mind and killed him. When we got a chance to catch our breath and look around and see that the rest of the city was still in total chaos. That’s all for now. I’ve got some corpses to loot.



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