Godsmack II

Tristain's Adventure Log #2

The Plan That Went Okayish.

So me and my “allies” (more on that in a bit) stayed at the bubbling for the night. So they went to try to get inside the mage towers early in the morning. On there own. I offered my help, and they declined.

Later, at a moderately more sane hour of the morning, just as I was finishing breakfast. I then proceeded to wait outside the tower for this mage woman in silver robes. Apparently, she wasn’t able to get some sort of magnifying glass. Oh well.

So then we all headed to the temple. They made an announcement about Girmish, than Grimish himself appeared and confirmed it, and after that, killed some sort of high priest guy. Score. Met some guy named Ithyl. We’re getting along.

So, orcs started coming everywhere, and thats where my job started.

Plan part 1: Draw forces away from the temple and towards the least important attack: Successful. I got our group to head to the merchant section where there were only a couple of orcs. I even managed to drag along a strong looking paladin guy. Wasn’t wearing much armor, so I figured he’d be toast. Almost was. Most importantly, we didn’t attack the “women with roses”, aka my friends, that was my most important job. Complete success in that regard.

Also, something’s very, very wrong with that paladin. ChIlled me to the bone just being near him. I’ll have to look into that.

Plan part 2: Prove loyalty to the party. Ehhhhh, kinda. I save Ithyl’s life. While I had initially gone up on the roof to snipe the commander, I saw an opportunity to jump down from the roof with both of my blades and wreck some Orcs face. How many opportunities in life will I have to assassinate someone from a rooftop? I wind up dropping my fancy sword, but my regular sword skewered him in the chest. I almost had it land right through his heart. Managed to kill him with my fancy sword shortly afterwards. First kill of the fight

Sidenote: Some sort of red bead entered my weapon after I skewered the orc with it. I might have devoured it’s soul. If so, awesome.

Anyways, I then made a tactical error which nobody will forgive me for. I figured I would try to take out their commander. The odds of him putting out that fire in time where negligible. He should have been burning and panicking. So the big orc attacks the party and decapitates one of his own for being too week. Freaking lawfulls. As an added bonus, he almost killed the paladin, but alas, the fight ended before he fell from his wounds. However, he did talk about Kerith. This might be good or bad in the long run.

So I kill some more orcs. These wizards come up and blast a couple orcs, I tell them to go handle other areas of the city. We had it under control. All that was left was the guy in black full plate. I figured other people would see it as me being selfless. Wrong. Everyone gave me crap for that. Atlas especially, but I’m pretty sure he just wanted to get into her pants.

So I go up and face the Orc, manage to puncture it’s lung. And then it swings at me.

Next thing I know, I’m on the ground, the fight is over, and Atlass is kicking me in the nuts. Repeatedly.

I notice various people in the party are injured. I give them healing potions. Not that I’m thanked for it. In fact, Atlas tries to wrap his cloak around me. Or at least attempts to. I notice him before finishes the attack.

Also everyone flips out when I go to loot the merchant carts. I tell them that the merchants are probably dead at this point, and aren’t going to miss it. I’ll even give it to charity, I tell them (that’s even true, in a sense) of course, everyone was just boarded up inside, hiding.

Atlas comes up to me and apologizes. Maybe even sincerely, although I doubt it.

Heres what he doesn’t understand: I don’t care. I know the type of man he is. Pretends to be some holier than though hero but is corrupt to the core. I know what I am. I admit it.

He’s practically the spitting image of my father, in terms of actions. And I remember all too well how that turned out.

His life will end at the end of my blade. I swear it.

On a happier note, I found some sort of poison. Yay.

Aaaand that should be it. Time to rest.

-Tristain the Kinslayer



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