Godsmack II

Atlas' Third Entry

So yeah early start to retrieve the magnifying glass from the wizard tower. Well apparently we needed a token to get in so my first thought was to go to Elle from Racklin’s party. Well lets put it this way…. She agreed after she was finished doing the dirty with Rowan. Keep it classy not trashy guys. Anyhow met a strange grey elf…Ithyl is his name he interrupted my talking to myself. As of late i have been feeling less drawn to my goddess… i just dont feel her presence no strength to draw from…. Is there another deity to turn to who will embrace me as their own? or should i wait and pray for my goddess to reach out to me? I just miss her evil embrace. I don’t feel as evil as i once was more lawful than anything…. Kinda miss the dwarf right now he could listen to orders… But i take consolation that Varish is still with me. He has grown to be my best friend and most trusted ally in this world filled with strangers. Alright back from that tangent. We gathered and were talking about grimish and speak of the devil he appears and zaps the priest. Great. so all the warriors split off and we take one of the gates. When we get there i talk to the wonderful general in my head for a battle plan. We go by that plan and its working great then the inevitable happens…. The one special child of the group, Tristan shoots the leader drawing him into battle. As we all realize we are on our last leg wonderful wizards come to our support. All but the leader of the group is dead and once again the special child acts without thinking and dismisses our help. The voice enjoyed looking at the nice piece of ass but i was more worried with the towering force looming over the holy man that came from the temple with us.. As soon as Tristan says he has it under control.. He gets dropped and luckily Ithyl is able to take him down with some mind magic. I have kicked Tristan several times in the jewels for being a fucking idiot. Granted things i need to work on is to simmer down and just let it slide. I will find a flat ground to make a pact with him. From the man standing in yet another burning town fireman is signing off.


Tristain. With two "i"s

Atlas' Third Entry

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