Godsmack II

Atlas' Fourth Entry

So alright where were we oh right Tristain = demon… Varish turning into what looks like the snake creature we found underground.. Peachy. Anyhow chaos rules the city i dislike it greatly. Oh so i have Tristain by the balls but besides that i need to doodle down more important things… After talking to Livy we got permission to go see marf the head sorcerer and he is well how do i put it…. an asshat. In my frustration i snapped of and hurt lilly’s feelings.. yeah that wasnt cool shouldnt have made that short blow. Alright well i made mistakes i feel bad but you have to keep moving forward. I think my goals have shifted. I mainly want to help my party and pursue my wanderlust. With my luck ill stumble upon my goddess eventually but hey apparently the faceless one feels Whorawhey’s presence so there is hope.. till next i feel like writing..



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